Hawley HR & Coaching Ltd and Grief Recovery Specialist

I work as a Coach with clients to navigate challenges and transitions in careers, relationships and more broadly in personal & professional life. I also offer support around loss and grief.
As well as teaching the Grief Recovery Method, I help clients gain mobility and a clearer path forward through coaching techniques and approaches, to untangle and make sense of times that may feel conflicted and overwhelming, or where you just need support in making a decision or planning how you want to live your life or manage your career.

An experienced Coach, Coach Supervisor and Grief Recovery Specialist, I work with individuals and groups in organisations, leaders, new managers, and other professionals in public, private and voluntary sectors on a variety of topics, as well as with young adults navigating change.

My intention is to create a safe space for clients to be themselves, explore what's on their mind and what they want to achieve. I want my clients to develop and grow in whatever ways are helpful and meaningful, and to overcome obstacles which may be holding them back. I provide challenge, support & stretch, encouraging clients to dig deep. With a down to earth, collaborative, warm style, I draw on a broad range of approaches with psychological underpinning to support & challenge in the best interests of my client.

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